Information doesn't want to be free

That's why you have to pay me

When I founded K-HOLE with a group of friends ten years ago, trend reports were simultaneously expensive, yet silly. Social media hadn’t exploded marketing and journalism. And there was still a sense that there were secrets in the world.
As a result, I took seriously the dictum INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE and set out to release reports for free, accordingly.
All that’s changed. K-HOLE sunset 4 years ago. In the meantime, I’ve consulted on trends and strategy for corporate clients ranging from Fortune 500 to bootstrapping start-ups, and released reports in partnership with both agencies and publications.
8Ball will be a bit different—a weekly newsletter on what I’m following in culture, business, and technology. Social media no longer seems (nor maybe has it ever been) a good place to share in process thoughts. I’m launching a Substack to see if perhaps this platform is that place…
Along with the weekly newsletter, I’ll be publishing full trend reports under the 8Ball imprint. The first will drop November 16th. For the first 50 subscribers to choose the Founding Member plan, I’ll include it for free.
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In the meantime, spread the word :^)